An Upcycle Series

Second Life is a series of upcycled pieces that offer inspiration on how to creatively find extended uses for discarded materials from your daily life. It is the hope that people feel inspired to upcycle but also become more aware of the things they use, accumulate and throw away. 


Tubular Vase

Minimal vase designed for placing individual flower stems. It contains 6 positions with viles for different floral arrangements. This piece is held together solely with brads and rubber bands.

Upcycled Materials:
- Foam Tubing
- Plastic Viles, x6

For Sale: $50


Brace Vase

The foam shell of this piece can wrap around containers like old coffee cans or plastic To-Go containers. It can be use as a vase or a planter. It is braced together with brads and string. A To-Go lid is used as a drainage plate.

Upcycled Materials:
- Foam Padding
- To-Go container

For Sale: $50


Stacked Vase

This vase allows the user to choose between three different heights. The bottom two contains are filled with water which helps t the vase to not fall over.

Upcycled Materials:
- Plastic Water Jugs, x3

For Sale: $50



This textile is made of material from old white t-shirts. They were dyed and hand sewed together. 

Upcycled Materials:
- Old T-shirts, x8

For Sale: $100
25% of sale will go to a donation to Grow NYC



Created from the cardboard from couch delivery packaging, this low table features compartments for storage at the ends. In the center, there is an additional nook for showcasing and storing. 

Upcycled Materials:
- XL Cardboard Boxes, x6

For Sale: $200


Green Light

This light fixture serves as a lamp but also a planter. It is the hope that went plant grows, it can cover the lighting section of the lamp.

Upcycled Materials:
- Plastic Water Jugs, x2
- Used Ikea Lamp
- Boba Straw


Coolture, No. 1

This mixed media art piece combines a canvas painting with a hand-sewn t-shirt. The t-shirt fabric was found at Fabscrab.

Upcycled Materials:
- Recycled Fabric

For Sale: $250
20% of sale will go to a donation to Fabscrap